Detour a shortcut to falling sales

Earlier notice would have helped: the sign informing motorists of the detour.
Earlier notice would have helped: the sign informing motorists of the detour.

Coogee Continental Deli owner Jamie Della said commuters were now bypassing the area because the detour, which diverts commuters down Entrance Road, Cross Road and Ocean Road, is considered too time-consuming to take.

He said drivers were now taking Cockburn Road or Rockingham Road, meaning his usually lively store was being deprived of numbers.

Mr Della’s biggest gripe was that he was not spoken to prior to the detour being set up in early July by Eliza Ponds developer George Western Foods. He said he was therefore unable to put measures in place to counter any downturn in visitors.

‘One month ago roadwork started on the street where our business is located and (that) has dramatically disturbed our business,’ Mr Della said.

‘We employ 14 staff at our business and we have had to cut hours to (the) majority of staff. Some staff we have had to ask not to come in for their shift.

‘This has never happened before with our shop, which we have owned and run for four years.’

Mr Della said turnover was down $7000 to $10,000 per week.

‘Customers tell us they don’t want to go through the detour. As a convenience store we need to be accessible.’

Remo Viti, of Remo’s Quality Meats, agreed a heads-up would have helped.

Peter Lynch, project director at MMJ Real Estate WA, said the road was closed in early July so it could be upgraded as part of the new Eliza Ponds estate. He said it was approved by the City of Cockburn and that letters were sent to local residents. He did not say if local businesses were on the mailing list.

Mr Lynch expected the road would reopen in the first week of September