Uthando Doll groups made dolls for children affected by AIDS/HIV

Group member Joyce Brockway helps with the doll project.
Group member Joyce Brockway helps with the doll project.

SOMETIMES a child just needs something to cuddle in a time of need, and that's what members of the local Uthando Project group are hoping to give children in South Africa.

Running out of The Meeting Place in South Fremantle every second Thursday, the group come together to create dolls for children in Natal, South Africa who have lost family to HIV/Aids.

Group member Joyce Brockway said the purpose of the dolls was to help the children cope and bring a bit of joy and happiness to their lives.

‘Since 2004 more than 45,000 dolls have been sent to South Africa by Uthando Doll groups,’ she said.

‘I don’t know the exact number made this year by our group but three large bags were packed up last week to be shipped to Durban and should arrive in December; possibly a couple of hundred dolls were packed.’

The group welcome new members. Email Doris van Keulan on vkeulen@iinet.|net.au for more information.