East Fremantle doctor follows mum’s footsteps with career shift into health industry

Dr Rob Seeley. Picture: Jon Hewson d478751
Dr Rob Seeley. Picture: Jon Hewson d478751

LIFE as a project manager and auditor seems like a lifetime ago for new Fiona Stanley and Fremantle Hospital doctor Robert Seeley.

The East Fremantle resident started his new career last month following seven years in an industry that left him unfulfilled.

He now follows in the footstep’s of his mum who was also a nurse.

“My mum was a nurse and I always had a fascination with science and health,” he said.

“In Year 12 I didn’t get the marks so I went into chemical engineering and although I enjoyed it I couldn’t imagine myself in a lab all day.

“I changed path completely and went down the commerce road, I’ve enjoyed all the jobs I had but I wasn’t really fulfilled.

“I was always jealous of people who said they loved their careers.

“It wasn’t work for them just something they enjoyed doing.”

Dr Seeley said he began his new pathway after his partner enrolled him into the medicine entrance exam.

“It really was a whirlwind, I did the test then an interview and all of a sudden I was doing medicine,” he said.

“I guess it was a roundabout way to get into medicine but it was the best decision ever.

“Doing the degree at a later stage was easier in some respects and harder in others.

“I had more life experience and different view of the world but there was a significant age difference between the majority of the students in my course.

“You really do create lifelong friends especially in those first years of study when you are in lecture theatres for 12 hours.”

While still only early days, Dr Seeley said he hoped to become a general practitioner and the best doctor he could be.

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