Exploring the pitfalls of reality television

Author Ray Glickman with his new novel Reality.
Author Ray Glickman with his new novel Reality.

This is the premise behind Ray Glickman’s new book Reality, which follows the decisions made by these six people after being manipulated and toyed with and whether the man pulling the strings, or they themselves, are to blame for the decisions they make.

Glickman said the story was fundamentally about personal responsibility.

‘The narrator is inspired by exposure to reality television to undertake his own superior form of manipulation of unsuspecting people,’ he said.

‘Reality television, social media and the like provide people with opportunities to explore alternative personas and live out different realities, but these media have also accentuated the desire people have always had for their 15 minutes of fame and it is interesting to observe what people are prepared to give up, including their individuality and privacy, for fame.’

Reality is available at www.fremantlepress.com.au.