Fake $50 circulating

Fremantle Police officer in charge Darren Wynne said the number of instances of young employees being duped by counterfeit bills had risen across the metropolitan area.

The counterfeit $50 notes being produced were made of more paper-like material with clear contact used to make the clear windows and the stars on the window were uneven and made of thin paper.

‘Once you have more than a casual look at the note it will look fake and if unsure, scrunch the note in your hand because if it scrunches like paper and doesn’t rebound like real notes do it should confirm your suspicion,’ Senior Sergeant Wynne said.

‘Businesses need to look out for customers seeking to make small purchases using large currency notes and if the colour or appearance of notes appears unusual or blurred or have an unusual texture or feel.

‘Staff should decline to accept the note and attempt to have police contacted whilst the person is still in the store.’

Snr Sgt Wynne said another offence that occurred regularly was theft from businesses. There had been many incidents where staff handbags and valuables were stolen from behind counters and in staff rooms.

Ensure all staff valuables were secure in a locked room or drawer not readily visible or accessible to the public to reduce the risk of opportunistic theft and ensure staff rooms and offices were locked when not in use, he advised.