Family fined and banned over dog

Giovanni, Maria and Julie Bassi were fined $5000 after being charged with owning a seven-year-old Maltese cross Shih Tzu dog named Bindi who suffered harm that could have been negated by the family. RSPCA chief executive David van Ooran said such was Bindi’s condition it later had to be euthanised.

The RSPCA said an inspector visited the home on May 10, 2012 after receiving a complaint of cruelty. The inspector was shown a small dog that was in poor body condition with matted fur and an open wound on its leg.

The magistrate was told that when questioned by the inspector, the family said the vet was shut, the dog was too sick and they didn’t have enough money for a vet, prompting the inspector to seize the dog.

A vet check found the dog was emaciated, suffering from osteoarthritis and blindness, overgrown nails, a flea infection that had been present for a number of months and an odorous discharge from her ears and eyes.

After the case, Mr van Ooran said the RSPCA was pleased with the outcome that sent a strong message to the community that pet ownership was a serious responsibility.