Federal Election 2019: Fremantle candidates speak transport

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PUBLIC TRANSPORT and connecting the east and west by road are shaping up to be key election issues in Fremantle.

The Gazette spoke to Fremantle electorate candidates about what they believed were the biggest transportation issues in the electorate.

Current MHR Josh Wilson said both planning and investment were needed to create better east-west links.

“I hope it would include light-rail or a trackless tram between Fremantle and the Murdoch activity centre (Fiona Stanley/Murdoch University),” he said.

“I also support consideration of a future METRONET rail connection between Fremantle and Cockburn Central.

“I want to improve transport across the Fremantle electorate with investment in active transport bike lanes and pedestrian links, public transport, rail connections and safer roads.”

Greens candidate Jesse Hutchinson said there was a need for multi-modal, interconnected networks of high frequency public transport.

“Providing all residents, including those in the outer suburbs, with the opportunity to go from anywhere to anywhere efficiently and conveniently,” he said.

“We need light rail down the Cockburn coast from Fremantle and out to Murdoch along South Street, in Cockburn we have to prioritise transit orientated development at rail stations.

“We need to invest in cycling and walking infrastructure in Australia, including constructing and upgrading off-road paths and dedicated Copenhagen lanes.”

Liberal candidate Nicole Robins said the building of Roe 8 and 9 continued to be an issue of importance.

“The Federal Government maintains a commitment of $1.2 billion to support construction of Roe 8 and 9,” she said.

“Another project is the construction of the bridge between Armadale Road and North Lake Road which will address congestion at the Kwinana Freeway, Armadale Road and Beeliar Drive interchange.

“If there’s one thing that needs attention it’s ensuring sufficient parking spaces for commuters at train station.”