Western Australian Fishing Industry Council predict boost to commercial fishing in Western Australia

THE Fremantle fishing industry will benefit from the recently announced fair trade agreement between Australia and China, says the chief executive of a state fishing body.

Western Australian Fishing Industry Council chief executive John Harrison said the agreement, which will reduce tariffs to zero over the next four years, would create more market certainty and bolster commercial fishing in WA.

Fremantle is still an important port for the WA commercial fishing fleet, and Mr Harrison said the agreement was a major opportunity, not just for increased demand but also in terms of the certainty for the long term.

‘Increased certainty regarding markets means improved potential to plan relevant research and development and marketing priorities and to determine the best ways to reinvest industry money into supporting fishers and enhancing trade links,’ he said.

‘The increased market certainty likely to result from the agreement has strong potential to flow onto research and development and create opportunities for high-volume fisheries.

‘It will affect how WA’s fishers run their operations, how many people they employ, how they will invest in future research and development and how they work with government to manage the resource.’