Fremantle: human bridge to protest live sheep export

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STIRLING Bridge will be lined with people on Sunday to protest the live animal export trade.

Stop Live Export campaign manager Katrina Love ok said the event started back in 2011.

“It started because of the criticisms of those who opposed the trade, they made accusations we were feral, tree hugging, vegan, extremists activist,” she said.

“We asked everyone who opposed the trade and those who attended to wear signs around their neck which say ‘I am a blank’ who opposes live export.

“The blank was a fact about them, occupation, role in life whether it be a mother, father, professional role, farmers, truck drivers.

“It was to display the diversity of people who oppose the trade, meat eaters as well, its not just vegans and vegetarian who oppose the cruelty.”

The organiser said they would not be blocking the road.

“We are trying to flatten ourselves on the rail so cyclist who might want to get past can,” she said.

“If you are one of the majority of Australian who oppose the trade and would like to see the end of it then come to the protest.”

Fremantle MHR Josh Wilson, who is attending the event, said it was time to stop an unnecessary trade that is inherently cruel.

“We have a great opportunity to achieve the end of the live sheep trade and to begin the development of a safe, stable, higher-jobs and higher-value industry,” he said.

“People in Freo and right across WA have fought for this change, and I’m glad to have been a leading voice in the parliament on their behalf.”

The protest will take place from 10.45am-12pm October 7 across the Stirling Bridge in Fremantle, with participants asked to dress in black.