Fremantle: Baltic artists come together to host KOPA exhibition at Moores

Robyn Varpins with her work
Robyn Varpins with her work "The Family Journey to a New Life" with Linda Skrolys' work in the background at Moores Gallery. Picture: Andrew Ritchie.

ESTONIAN, Latvian and Lithuanian artists have come together to host a new exhibition at Moores Gallery celebrating the 100 year independence anniversary of the three countries.

The KOPA exhibition was inspired by the 25th Song and Dance festival in Riga.

Organiser Maris Raudzins said he recognised the importants of the 100 year anniversary for the three countries.

“The occupation of the Communist Regime has scattered the Baltic people throughout the world,” he said.

“Latvia is having a five year celebration of that event, but I wanted to expand it from being just Latvian, to include Estonia and Lithuania as well.

“After all, all three countries regained their independence at the same time; once the Soviet Union collapsed from within.”

The exhibition will include life-size metal sculptures, paintings, instillations and 3D works.

Artist Robyn Varpins said she hoped others would recognise the shared stories of the artists.

“ It seems appropriate, therefore, that these artists, all with migrant backgrounds, have come together to show their art,” she said.

“Migration affects our sense of place and identity and, although some of the artists in this exhibition may be second or third generation, they are still connected to their ancestors as well as this adopted homeland.

“The experiences that these artists share is sensitively portrayed in this impressive exhibition of paintings, sculptures, drawings and instillations.”

The exhibition is now open and will run to Monday, October 8 at Moores Gallery.