Fremantle: buildings, parking and traffic control on the cards at electors meeting

The Round House was brought up during Fremantle's electors meeting.
The Round House was brought up during Fremantle's electors meeting.

ISSUES surrounding parking bays, road closures and derelict buildings were raised at the City of Fremantle’s Annual General Electors Meeting on Monday .

When the annual report for 2017-2018 was presented, a local resident asked officers why the number of visitors to the Round House were not included .

“You have numbers of people who have visited facilities provided by council, but did not include the Round House, why?” she said.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said it was a good idea to collect the numbers next time.

During public question time a resident raised concerns about obstructions along Market Street.

“It needs to be made safe, buses are screaming past and nobody seems to be policing it.”

Another resident raised their frustrations about the removal of the right turn from Scott Street to Hampton Road.

“I believe staff recommended it be open again, a large number of ratepayers said they wanted it open yet the council seems to ignore everybody and do what they want,” he said.

Dr Pettitt said the council debated it heavily but safety was their primary concern and understood not everyone supported the decision.

The last question raised concerned the old Muzz Buzz drive through along High and Montreal streets and its derelict condition.

“I do understand it’s Main Roads property and it has been earmarked for demolition however it’s the entrance to our beautiful City and it’s an absolute eyesore,” he said.

Graham Tattersall said the City and Main Roads were effectively being put on hold while they waited for an environmental assessment.

Only one motion was passed at the meeting, to remove four parking bays along Wray Avenue outside Moondyne Joe’s.

Officers will prepare a report on the removal and present it at a future council meeting.