Fremantle development bringing own micro grid to the table

Simone McGurk, Frank Marra and BenWyatt at the East Village at Knutsford launch.
Simone McGurk, Frank Marra and BenWyatt at the East Village at Knutsford launch.

THE East Village at Knutsford development will be an Australian first, hosting its own micro-grid to generate and share energy.

The 36-home project was launched in Fremantle on Tuesday and will be powered entirely by renewable energy.

Power Ledger Co-Founder Jemma Green said they have a 670 kilowatt hour battery to store electricity.

“It will allow the residents to trade their electricity using Power Ledger’s blockchain technology,” she said.

“The blockchain records how much electricity is consumed and it facilitates a payment between a buyer and seller, it allows for peer to peer trading of electricity.

“Along with energy efficiencies of the houses, the households will spend 50 per cent less on their electricity bills and as a result of this have 24 hour renewable power.

“If the battery were to go down then the grid is a back-up source, the retailer is providing 24-hour renewable power as well.”

The battery is currently being used during the construction period and to charge electric vehicles.

Treasurer and Lands Minister Ben Wyatt said Western Australians were very aware of the impact of climate change.

“The way we are designing the houses, it also reduces your water consumption by 80 per cent, which is a huge reduction for people,” he said.

“It highlights the fact that renewable sustainability is actually an affordable way that we go about living our lives now.”

Water saving measures include stormwater harvesting, a strata-owned bore and the use of rainwater for residential toilets, hot water systems and laundries.