Fremantle Dockers players keeping presence in town after move to Cockburn home base

Fremantle Dockers players Griffin Logue,Tommy Sheridan and David Mundy.  |Picture: Martin Kennealey   d480369
Fremantle Dockers players Griffin Logue,Tommy Sheridan and David Mundy. |Picture: Martin Kennealey d480369

DESPITE now being based in Cockburn, Fremantle Dockers stars David Mundy, Tommy Sheridan and Griffin Logue still want to continue to have a presence and give to the Fremantle community.

The Fremantle Players Community Giving, which works with the Fremantle Foundation, raises money for charities such as Night Hoops and Fremantle PCYC.

Former Fremantle captain and leadership group member Mundy said the idea to form a charity driven by players was formed 18 months ago.

“It was something we are really passionate about; we thought if we could combine our resources, time and effort it could be a really powerful thing,” he said.

“We are quite privileged and very lucky with what we do and most of us had privileged upbringings and carefree to a large extent.

“That is not the case for most people and moving out of the Fremantle area, we wanted to build this fund to help adolescent children who had a tougher upbringing then we did.”

Mundy said Dockers players wanted to a have a real hands on effect at ground level.

“Essentially we didn’t want our donations to lose effect; with working with the Fremantle Foundation we can be specific with what we want to do,” he said.

“We have looked at a few different charities and we wanted to hope school age kids to help maintain there focus. We are all quite busy but it is something that we are passionate about and when you are passionate you find the time.”

Tommy Sheridan said the players chose Night Hoops and PCYC as their two charities because of the age bracket of young men and women they helped.

“Last year Lachie Weller and I went down to experience PCYC to see what it was like for kids who didn’t have anywhere to go during the hours of 4pm and 6pm,” he said.

“We want the community to come down; all the proceeds will go to these charities and hopefully we can raise a lot of money so we pick more charities to help out.”

The foundation will be launched on Friday.