Fremantle: draft hotel and tavern policy to be discussed at council

Fremantle councillors are still working on a hotel and tavern policy.
Fremantle councillors are still working on a hotel and tavern policy.

A DRAFT policy for hotel and tavern applications was passed by the strategic planning and transport committee on Wednesday to respond to queries raised about the concentration of new, large-scale alcohol-related venues.

The goal of the policy is to give direction to council to ensure there is a genuine mixed use urban environment in the vicinity of the venue.

The policy will be amended for approval before it goes to Council next Wednesday .

In a report the reason for implementing it said “recent applications have highlighted the importance of considering the appropriateness of these land uses consistently and transparently”.

Exceptions are stated to be if a “proposal is located on a small site incapable of accommodating substantial additional land uses and located within a heritage listed building either traditionally used for that purpose or adapted for reuse for such purpose”.

Inclusion of a ratio of floor space is not recommended.

The policy will go to full council for a decision next week and then if passed it will go to public consultation.

Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt said the City of Fremantle was not looking to impose an alcohol free area in pubs.

“The policy was proposed in response to community concern about the possibility of an over-concentration of large pubs and bars in the city centre,” he said.

“The purpose of the policy is to ensure that taverns and hotels form part of a balanced mix of land uses in the city centre, and I think that’s something everyone in the community – including developers and the hospitality industry – will support.”