Gina Williams and The Hunting Birds excited to perform at One Day in Fremantle

Gina Williams will be the Master of Ceremonies at the One Day Freo.
Gina Williams will be the Master of Ceremonies at the One Day Freo.

MUSICIAN Gina Williams believes One Day in Fremantle is a day where people from all walks of life can enjoy what’s great about living in Australia.

Williams, an indigenous singer-songwriter, said she was thrilled to be returning to host the event on January 27, which will feature musicians such as Montaigne , Adrian Eagle, Emily Wurramara and The Spring Peaks.

Williams said she wanted people to feel welcomed, embraced and included at this years event.

“I love it because families feel safe to be able to come down and enjoy good music, there is a real sense of great love and inclusion,” she said.

“When you have crowds of that size you expect to have some trouble but there never is, it’s a privilege to be part of it.”

She said she hoped the event will go on forever.

“The City of Fremantle are not saying don’t celebrate the other day but what they are saying is this is what we do in Fremantle and I think there is something to be learnt from that,” she said.

“I really hope Local Governments around the country actually pick up and start doing things as well so that we aren’t focused on what the celebration is but celebrating a country that truly is inclusive and truly is kind and open hearted.”

Williams and Guy Ghouse will be playing some of their new music.

The Hunting Birds singer and keyboardist Kendra Fewster said they were ecstatic to play.

“All of us are just over the moon to play at such an inclusive and well rounded event,” Ghouse said.

“Our sets can change and have a lot of variation within the same genre.

“We like to mix it up and go from a slow folk groove to upbeat folk rock pop within the space of a song or two.”

One Day will begin with a smoking ceremony at Bather Beach at 8am then Aboriginal cultural workshops before the concert begins at 2pm.