Fremantle: High school students star in the film Three Summers

Ben Elton.
Ben Elton.

FREMANTLE resident Ben Elton has celebrated the international launch of his film Three Summer at a red carpet charity event in Lakelands.

The film is based at the Pinjarra Music Festival.

The event raised funds and awareness for National Charity Partner Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health (FISH).

FISH chief executive Mark Anderson said the screening of the film fits well as part of the education and cultural programs.

“ This film shows appreciation for Aboriginal people and other cultures that have much to offer today’s world,” he said.

Fremantle student Nichola Balestri (who plays Ruby) said the international launch was successful.

“It was a great opportunity to promote the region the film was shot in, our local actors and the 1,00 local extras who were in the film,” she said.