Fremantle MP lauds united Labor Party

The recently appointed Minister for International Development, as well as Fremantle’s representative in Federal Parliament, Ms Parke said a big loss was Defence Minister Stephen Smith, who announced he would pull the pin on his political career.

‘I want to pay tribute to Stephen Smith, a politician of great honour, intelligence and dedication,’ she said.

‘He has embodied the very best qualities of a representative and a parliamentarian, and has served his electorate and the nation with distinction.

‘On a personal level, I will be sorry to no longer have the benefit in parliament of Stephen’s friendship and wisdom, but I know he will continue to contribute to public life in Australia whatever he does next.’

She said the events of last week would make for a united government in the lead up to the election.

‘I am glad the Labor government is today united in the effort to fight for the policies,’ she said.