Fremantle producer showcases WA location in new history documentary

WA producer Paul Barron at the Round House. Photo: Andrew Ritchie. d491251
WA producer Paul Barron at the Round House. Photo: Andrew Ritchie. d491251

WESTERN Australia locations including the Round House will feature in new documentary series, Turning Point.

Fremantle producer Paul Barron created the documentary series, which he said delved into the turning points in the lives of history’s most famous and infamous characters.

“A man started off training to be a priest, his mother is determined he is to be a bishop, he published romantic poetry that to this day is regarded as ‘classics’ in his native language,” he said.

“At what moment along the road does he become Joseph Stalin.

“We follow Adolf Hitler, a failed artist, who was determined to be a famous artist but then he was rejected twice and he was painting postcards on the street to keep himself alive.

“Further down the track there is that moment that set him on that path to become Adolf Hitler.”

The documentary series is in the genre of popular history.

Mr Barron said locations around Western Australia would feature in the evocative dramatisations.

“We used St George’s College at University of Western Australia for a background sequence to do with the Churchill episode in particular,” he said.

“We had a lot Fremantle people involved in the production over the one and a half years it took.

“We also had interviews with a number of WA academics and part of it very large number of experts in this area.”

The series begins on Foxtel History Channel March 4 at 4.30pm AWST.