Fremantle: rally organised to end live export trade following release of shocking vision

Still image of the footage that revealed the suffering of sheep aboard <i>Awassi Express</i>.
Still image of the footage that revealed the suffering of sheep aboard Awassi Express.

A RALLY to end the live export trade will take place at Emanuel Exports Head Office at midday today.

The rally was organised after a 60 Minutes investigation which showed footage of sheep suffering on five live sheep voyages.

Animals Australia spokeswomen Lyn White said the scale of neglect and the acceptance of suffering was staggering.

“Sheep producers will be mortified to discover that animals born into their care have ended up literally being cooked alive on live export vessels,” she said.

“Time and again farmers have been sold barefaced lies by exporters – ‘world’s best standards’, ‘no fear no pain’ commitments – to keep them selling animals to the trade. The scale and deliberate nature of the deception is astounding.

“Any suggestion that such suffering is not routine, or is a one-off failure of systems, is just a further attempt to deceive.

“The directors involved in these shipments have had 37 voyages since 2005 on which over 1000 animals have perished on each shipment.”

WA Minister for Agriculture Alannah MacTiernan said the vision was shocking but it was equally shocking the shipments were approved by the Australian Government.

“This is no longer about party policy, this is about laws being broken and repeat offending exporters getting the green light to subject sheep to further abuse. This cannot be allowed

to continue,” she said.

“Sheep exporters have been making hundreds of millions of dollars and all the while subjecting animals to the most unimaginable cruelty.”

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