Fremantle: Strange Company going coco-nuts with limited edition rum

Elise Godwin. Photo: Andrew Ritchie. d491050
Elise Godwin. Photo: Andrew Ritchie. d491050

STRANGE Company is going coconuts, unveiling their bartender’s own limited edition spiced rum.

Elise Godwin won a cocktail competition last year and as part her prize worked with The Rum Diary in Melbourne to design her own recipe, with only 1000 bottles created.

Miss Godwin said she had sent in a cocktail recipe and was a finalist for the state round.

“My original recipe was called ‘Tigers Tears’ which used the spiced rum, sherry, mango juice, tamarind water, coconut nougat and a little bit of palm treacle which is from Sri-Lanka,” she said.

“It’s a creamy coconut drink like a mango lassi.

“I was really comfortable with my drink and really proud of it.”

The South Fremantle resident said she flew to Melbourne for the grand final.“We had to do a market place challenge with $20 to create a random cocktail, it was really interesting and fun,” she said.

“When I got to create my own rum I wanted to do something different using coconut.

“We made a golden coconut rum, which has real coconut flesh and coconut chips and we also put in native wattle seed.

“We’ve had really good reviews from many people, it tastes like a bounty or a coconut rough.

“It was nice to go from an idea on pen and paper to having an actual product and see people tasting it.”