Fremantle’s first outdoor treasure hunt business ClueChase is up and running

ClueChase's Tessa Maxwell. Photo: Will Russell. d490057
ClueChase's Tessa Maxwell. Photo: Will Russell. d490057

SAVING the world and exploring forgotten parts of Fremantle are just some goals of the outdoor treasure hunt business Clue Chase.

ClueChase is housed next to the sister business Escape Hunt and owner Dave Pearson said theylooked for a game that had the ability to expand.

“We’ve had over 120,000 people come through Escape Hunt in four years,” he said.

“We only have capacity for 30 people so when we have people who want a bigger group we have to turn them away.

“We went all around the world, we liked this program, we liked what it did for us and allowed us to expand to 150 people per game.”

Mr Pearson said the game involved geocaching technology and had augmented reality elements.

“We are sending people on a mission, we send them to all the major sites around Fremantle were they will answer a puzzle,” he said.

“A lot of other treasure hunts that happen in Perth are on an app where you pay and follow it.

“You go around with virtual assistance so if people get stuck you can ask for a clue or a hint.

“We are getting people to interact with the environment in Fremantle and we hope that we will interact with businesses in the future.”

The iPads can be used in 20 different languages.

Mr Pearson said the goal was to get busier and to expand into Perth and down south to Busselton and Dunsborough.

“We are really keen for cruise ship passengers to play it as its an excellent way to see Fremantle,” he said.

“Long term will be to grow our employment base, spread the love in Fremantle.”

ClueChase is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm.