French art hits the street

It’s raining art: France’s Claire Ducreux is looking
It’s raining art: France’s Claire Ducreux is looking

Ducreux will perform her show The Smile of the Shipwrecked against the picturesque backdrop of the Fremantle Arts Centre’s front garden, using sculpture, dance, mime, physical theatre, interaction with the audience and the venue itself to tell the story of a lonely vagrant.

She said she felt ‘lucky and grateful’ to be a part of an event of this scale.

‘Street art is a fantastic school of life where I learn again and again to be present, authentic, generous and humble,’ she said.

‘I really try each time to create with the audience simple moments of theatrical magic.

‘The festival is a nice opportunity to see a lot of different shows, to share with friends moments of emotion, to experiment simple and intense moments and to create special memories.’

The Fremantle Street Arts Festival runs from April 19 to 21.