Freo Budget winner

The State Government earmarked $488.2 million for the South Metropolitan area, most of which is going to health, education and transport areas.

The biggest beneficiary in the local area was Fremantle Port, with $115.1 million put aside for continued works, while $3.4 million was earmarked for Leach Highway improvements where it becomes High Street.

Answering calls from the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, $1.6 million will be used for the planning, design and preliminary works for the replacement of the Fremantle Traffic Bridge.

Treasurer Troy Buswell said these were areas that needed to be focused on.

‘This is responsible, sustainable investment to deliver world-class education, health and social services and crucial infrastructure to build and support our growing State,’ he said.

‘This Budget invests in meeting the needs of our fast-growing State.’