Freo’s the way to go

Less than a year after the City of Cockburn successfully protected its boundaries from the threat of state-backed local government reform, there has been a fresh push for North Coogee and Hamilton Hill to become part of Fremantle.

Campaigners behind Greater Fremantle argue people in these suburbs identify more with Fremantle than Cockburn and are more inclined to visit the port city than shops and facilities in their own council.

Greater Fremantle convenor Adin Lang, of Hamilton Hill, said he realised there was support for the idea during an unsuccessful campaign to win a position on Cockburn council last October.

“Fremantle is a community of interest for me and others in these areas,” he said.

“I use Fremantle’s pools and beaches. I shop there, my doctor is in Fremantle and I go to restaurants there. It’s nothing against Cockburn but essentially they just empty my bins.”

Campaigners need 250 signatures for the Local Government Advisory Board to consider the proposal. They have about 100 so far.

Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett said the City was against any change to its boundaries.

While the City of Fremantle is not actively seeking boundary changes, Mayor Brad Pettitt said his council’s position throughout the recent failed local government reform process was that Hamilton Hill and part of North Coogee should become part of a new larger City of Fremantle.