From beers to business

The 22-year-olds are looking for funds through crowd sourcing to bring ‘Pick Me App’ to the market, a program that allows users to source lift home from people in their phone’s contact list.

Mr Lynch said the idea came about from the problems of trying to get home after a night out.

‘We were sitting around at the pub talking about ways of getting home and how it is an everyday problem,’ he said.

‘In Perth in can get quite busy on a night out, so not only is it hard to find a taxi but the fares are ridiculously expensive.

‘We talked about how it would be handy to know if a friend could pick you up without worrying about either waking them or annoying them.

‘On the flipside, you can be on the receiving end of that and get constant requests from your mates wanting lifts.’

Mr Lynch said users could select either available or unavailable as their status.

He said app users could send out a notification to all ‘available’ contact with a map location using the phone’s GPS.

‘The app tracks locations because during a night out people can get lost and have trouble finding each other,’ he said.

‘It doesn’t always garuntee a lift so it also includes taxi services and public transport.’

The Notre Dame law and commerce student said neither of the two had any experience with software design, and a lack of capital, which lead them to pitch their idea to for crowd funding.

Mr Lynch said they are looking to source $2500 by December 21 for a developer to pick it up.

The app had raised $2000 so far and contributors would percentage of revenue the app generates on the iTunes App Store.

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