Garage Sale Trail a chance to do your bit for the environment

Waste Authority of WA chairman Marcus Geisler at Henderson Waste Recovery Park. Picture: Andrew Ritchie.
Waste Authority of WA chairman Marcus Geisler at Henderson Waste Recovery Park. Picture: Andrew Ritchie.

THINKING twice about throwing that old piece of furniture on the bulk rubbish pile could help make money while also helping the environment.

Tomorrow, the annual Garage Sale Trail is launched for the sixth year running, giving residents across Perth a unique chance to hold simultaneous garage sales and do their bit for the environment.

Last year’s event saw around three million items on sale at about 13,000 garage sales across the country ­– and founder Andrew Valder said the event was perfect for bringing communities together.

“Holding a garage sale and getting to know your neighbours means that you’re contributing to a connected community that’s healthier, happier and even more prosperous,” he said.

Waste Authority WA chairman Marcus Geisler said West Australians produced around six million tonnes of waste a year – which translated to about 2.4 tonnes of waste per person.

“The good news is that of the 2.4 tonnes, one tonne per capita per annum is actually reused, recycled or recovered,” he said.

“But still, 1.4 tonnes per person goes to landfill. We can do better than that.”

He said objects that people had around the house that they no longer needed could still have a life with someone else.

“Once it’s on the kerbside, and it’s in the pile that goes to landfill, no one looks at it anymore,” he said.

“It just goes into the truck, it gets crushed and it gets buried forever.

“It’s important to actually sort out the good materials and either sell them in a garage sale or donate them elsewhere.”

Mr Geisler said it was important for people to know the reduction of waste started at home.

“It’s everyone’s responsibility,” he said.

“You cannot say it’s the State Government’s, or the local government’s responsibility – it actually starts with you at home.

“You make the decision whether you throw it in the bin, sell it in the Garage Sale Trail or use it yourself.”

From tomorrow, residents can register for the Garage Sale Trail by visiting

The event takes place across the country on Saturday, October 22.


Top five ways you can reduce waste

  1. Buy less stuff
    Buying stuff means more waste. Try and buy only what you need and think about the longevity of what you buy. Quality over quantity is a good guiding principal.
  2. Pre-loved is powerful
    Consider second-hand goods – it means the world’s resources aren’t depleted in the process.
  3. Maintain and repair
    If you keep your belongings in good condition, they will last longer and you won’t need to replace them as often.
  4. Pass it on
    There are lots of ways to give the things you don’t want a new lease of life. Instead of throwing away your unwanted items, hold a garage sale, pass it on to a charity or think about any friends and family who may want them.
  5. Think before you throw out
    If something has come to the end of its life, do the right thing and separate it into the correct bins or take other items to drop-off centres.