Gelatissimo Fremantle selling pawesome ice-cream for dogs

Gelatissimo Fremantle selling pawesome ice-cream for dogs

Gelatissimo is releasing a limited-edition human and dog-friendly gelato for owners keen to share a treat with your pooch.

Pawesome Peanut Butter is a deliciously smooth peanut butter gelato that is not only dog-friendly but also vegan and will be available at Gelatissimo Fremantle from Friday, May 3.

The limited edition flavour has been specially formulated to share with your furry friend but delicious enough that you’ll definitely need a scoop each.

Made fresh in-store with real peanut butter, it’s the ‘pawfect’ solution for anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of those heartbreaking puppy dog eyes.

“It’s really important to us that we’re always catering to the whole family, and we all know that the family dog is just as much a part of that as anyone,” says Gelatissimo CEO, Filipe Barbosa.

“We did a lot of research to make sure that this flavour is 100 per cent dog and human approved so our customers can share a bit of fun and deliciousness with everyone – even their furry family members.”

Made with peanuts and soy, the gelato isn’t suitable for dogs with a history of pancreatitis or for anyone, human or canine, with known food allergies or intolerances.

But for everyone else, Pawesome Peanut Butter will be available in all 46 stores across Australia for a limited time only, while stocks last.