Getting the drift of acting

Fremantle actor Kai Arbunckle. Picture: Martin Kennealey d398259
Fremantle actor Kai Arbunckle. Picture: Martin Kennealey d398259

Current student Kai Arbuckle could become the next name to be listed on the famous alumni list after recently finishing a role in upcoming Australian film Drift, starring alongside another well-known ex-student in Hollywood, actor Sam Worthington.

The 15-year-old plays a young Jimmy Kelly, one of two brothers who live and breathe surfing before they land in a bit of hot water.

Kai said Drift was his first film and that the audition process was a little daunting.

‘Waiting outside with the other actors to be called in is a scary part of the audition,’ he said.

‘But it was pretty exciting being a part of a major Australian production and it was really good to be with the older experienced actors and getting to work with a fabulous director.’

Kai said the school had been supportive of the role, allowing him to better juggle acting with academics.

‘I was only on set for this film for a few weeks so it was not too strenuous on my academics, but the teachers are always there to help you catch up with any work you may have missed,’ he said.

‘I had not done any acting before joining the drama program at John Curtin and the teachers have given me a lot of confidence and a real tool kit of knowledge to help me in the industry.’

Drift will open nationally on May 2.