Global walk for greyhound awareness

Greyhounds make loving pets
Greyhounds make loving pets

A LOCAL woman has helped co-ordinate a Global Walk for Greyhounds in Perth this Sunday to raise awareness of the breed and dispel misconceptions about it.

Yangebup resident Melanie Yarnall said she knew friends who had been abused in the street because the public assume all greyhounds had been live baited.

“Our rescue group (Greyhound Angels) do regular walks around the Perth suburbs to raise awareness and help with adoptions,” she said.

“This is just an awareness walk on a greater scale, getting greyhounds walking among other breeds, showing off their gentle nature and a different side to their breed away from the race track.”

Ms Yarnall adopted her own greyhound at the end of 2013, saving the pup from being destroyed after it broke a leg while with a trainer.

“It is a privilege to raise a puppy because most are destined for a life on the racing track before transitioning to life as a pet,” she said.

“Most people when they saw us with Indi had no idea of her breed as not many people get to see a greyhound puppy just being a puppy.”

The 4.5km stroll, a joint initiative between Greyhound Angels and Greyhound Adoptions of WA, will start at Coode Street Jetty in South Perth at 10am.

“It will be a fun, happy and light-hearted day where dog lovers can enjoy a walk with their dog for a good cause..”