Govt spending under attack

Education Minister Peter Collier.
Education Minister Peter Collier.

Labor MLC Kate Doust said further funds should be funnelled into school maintenance programs to clear the backlog of issues picked up in the Department of Education’s 2013 Building Condition Assessment.

Locally, Hamilton Senior High School requires more than $600,000 in restoration work, while Lakeland Senior High School was found to require more than $300,000, according to the report.

Yangebup Primary School ($301,879), Success Primary School ($297,263), Jandakot Primary School ($209,339) and Newton Primary School ($180,954) also require a fair amount of funding.

Ms Doust said too much of the spotlight was being shone on Elizabeth Quay and Perth’s future stadium in Burswood.

‘Some of the maintenance work detailed in the report should be a priority because of the potential risk to health and safety,’ she said.

‘If you’ve got pipes that need to be fixed or asbestos, these are areas that need to be quarantined and basically just become wasted space. The WA Government need to get their priorities right and should be investing in education.’

Education Minister Peter Collier argued WA schools were well resourced and maintained.

‘Like any property owner, there’s always something that needs to be done,’ he said.

‘When you’re working with 800 schools, that’s magnified enormously. If something poses a potential risk to the health and safety of staff and students ‘