Growing fish numbers point to a healthier Swan River system

Recent research through the 2014 Fish Community Index showed that fish community numbers had improved in the past 10 years.

The index uses the fish community as a pointer to water health, alongside other measures such as water quality, seagrass growth and foreshore conditions.

Environment Minister Albert Jacob said the research showed improvement in recent years.

‘In total, 35 species and more than 30,825 fish were caught and released in shallow waters and 21 species and 1601 fish were caught and returned in deeper waters by scientists,’ the minister said.

‘It is important to note that the number of species caught in deeper water was consistent with those in 2012 and 2013.

‘However, the number of species recorded in shallower waters in 2014 was notably higher than the 29 species recorded in the previous two years.’

He said the river was under pressure from climate change, but that these results showed stability.

‘This year’s results reflect high and stable salinity in the rivers, higher oxygen levels and the absence of algal blooms across much of the waterway,’ he said.

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