Height of indignity: neighbour

An impassioned plea from a neighbour who argued the three-storey building would overshadow about 40 per cent of her home and would not be in keeping with the area was not enough to deter councillors from approving the building.

However, the proponent and the Town’s planning officer Jamie Douglas argued that the three-storey building had been set further back on the block than required and that if it had been restricted to two storeys it could present a greater effect on the streetscape and potentially overshadow the neighbours more.

‘There are two things here, it’s quite likely any development will overshadow and have a significant impact on the neighbouring property,’ Mr Douglas said.

‘In my estimation if that building was compliant in height it would make no difference to the degree of overshadowing.’

Councillor Cliff Collinson said the modern design would polarise the community, which would be fine for art but was not okay for a building.

‘It would be fine if I was to go to an art gallery, I have the option to go to a different room,’ he said.

‘I can’t get away from this. This is a square box, what is architectural about that?’

However, other councillors said it would be a point of difference in the streetscape and would highlight both heritage and new buildings.