Help for Mater Christi student Georgia to see UK doctors

Georgia Farnan with Stacey Harding.
Picture: Will Russell   d455607
Georgia Farnan with Stacey Harding. Picture: Will Russell d455607

SHE is known as the girl with the melt-your-heart smile but behind Georgia Farnan’s beaming grin is a heartbreaking story.

The seven-year-old was born with a rare form of dystonia, a condition that causes her to suffer painful and prolonged muscle contractions.

The Year 2 Mater Christi student has never walked unaided and relies on a frame, crutches or wheelchair to move around.

Her inspiring level of determination allows her to continue to do the things she loves, with swimming and horse riding some of her favourites.

But her condition is degenerating and she is losing the ability to walk longer distances.

Because no one in Perth knows how to treat her rare condition, she has been referred to specialists in the UK.

But flights, appointments and tests will not come cheap.

That is why Stacey Harding has decided to step in.

Ms Harding, a teaching assistant, has worked with Georgia for the past three years and their bond is undeniable.

“Watching Georgia on a day-to-day basis is so inspiring yet heartbreaking at the same time,” she said.

“Georgia is such a kind, happy, confident little girl with bundles of energy and hundreds of stories to tell.

“She has a smile that brightens up everyone’s day.”

Ms Harding said Georgia’s family were humble people who had helped considerably in the community.

Now she hopes to repay the favour by helping to secure the money that will send them overseas.

“They are an amazing family, very humble and grounded and are willing to help everyone,” she said.

“They are very proud of Georgia, as we all are, and are willing to do what ever it takes to ensure Georgia gets the best treatments possible.”

Ms Harding has set up a fundraising page, is helping to organise a Jeans for Georgia Day together with the Ability Centre, and will take part in the City to Surf in August, all to collect contributions to help Georgia get the best treatment.

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