Housing plans hit snag

A proposed structure plan detailing how a 2.8-hectare site at the corner of Gaebler Road and Barfield Road could be transformed to hold 95 residential lots was submitted to the City in November, and was endorsed by the council at its recent ordinary council meeting.

Western Power called for the plan to be changed |because it wants to upgrade one of the three high |voltage lines within its transmission corridor, which is next to the development to the east.

The works, which could be 15 to 25 years away, would mean an upgrade to the 132-kilovolt power line to match the other two lines at 330 kilovolts.

Western Power seeks a clearance of up to 35 metres on either side its 330kV lines, meaning up to 15 metres of the proposed development could be affected.

In a submission on the development, Western Power recommended the development�s public open space be moved from the south-end of the site to the eastern boundary.

But in a report to councillors, a City officer said the City should not support the change because the transmission corridor already accommodated all easement requirements and there |were no restrictions on development outside this area, and realigning the public open space would result in an |unsuitable narrow strip.

The officer also said they were told by Western Power the company had the ability to upgrade the 132kV power line �in a manner that may not require a setback within the subject site�.

Western Power network safety health and environment manager Brenden Lee confirmed the company�s request to have the POS moved was based on the easement in the area and current design standards.