John Carey confirms run for mayor

Perth resident Cr Carey, elected to council two years ago, said now was a critical time for the local community in light of the proposed amalgamations.

He said the City needed a mayor with a strong voice who represented residents and local businesses and who would fight to keep the community united.

‘There is an incredible momentum of local works that are rolling out over Vincent and I am prepared to step up and take the challenge of continuing this work,’ he told Guardian Express.

‘Some people would say, ‘just give up and walk away,’ but I think with this time limit and the momentum we have with local works, this is actually the time to step up the program of works. We need to build on the revitalisation of each town centre and develop real, practical and lasting things that we can leave for the community.’

He added that North Perth and Mt Hawthorn needed to be the next focus of council.