Jurassic Park opens up world of opportunity

Tim Glover with the website he helped create.
Tim Glover with the website he helped create.

TWO friends have taken Jurassic Park fan fiction to another level, living out an experience one could hardly dream up in a Hollywood script.

In 2014, Baldivis resident Timothy Glover and UK-based friend Jack Ewins had an idea for a website based on a rumoured character rumoured to feature in new movie Jurassic World.

The website would fill in the gaps between the adventures of Jurassic Park III in 2001 and the latest film released last month.

�I�d already been accustomed to viral campaigns with the TV show Lost, which I consider my version of Star Trek,� Mr Glover said.

�So if a mere website like the Dharma Initiative (to support Lost) can provide a fan base with answers surrounding an in-world universe, then why not make one up, even for fun.�

The pair�s aim was to encourage other fans of the Jurassic Park franchise to contribute, but it was not long before the big players came calling.

In April 2014, Mr Glover woke to 20 frantic messages from Mr Ewins and a message from Universal Pictures.

Universal loved what the pair had done and was now asking them to build the official website.

Mr Glover said the pair would spend hours each day trawling through the entire Jurassic Park universe – movies, games, books, and memorabilia � looking for inspiration for fresh content and to make sure they were not covering old ground.

�We were doing everything that we possible could to think outside the box,� he said.

In September, 2014, the friends were flown out to LA to meet with the film�s marketing team and director Colin Trevorrow.

The trip offered them the chance to see early screen plays, film stills, videos, websites, and promotional material.

�Colin may or may not realise it, but when we were in that room we could hardly contain ourselves,� Mr Glover said.

From there the real work began, with the pair flying home to continue to create as the film�s release date approached.

Since its release Jurassic World has gone on to earn more than a one billions dollars.

Whether their website had anything to do with the film�s success – Masrani Global has generated more than 2.5 million page views – Mr Glover said he was just grateful to be part of a film series he has loved since the first in 1993.

�It�s important for me each day to keep a level head about this wonderful experience,� he said.

�Colin and Universal didn�t have to invite us onto this project, but they did.

�They�ve literally changed my life.�