Kaleeya: resistance was futile

Dr Hames confirmed Kaleeya Hospital would close late next year and its services would be transferred to Fremantle Hospital and the new Fiona Stanley Hospital.

All of Kaleeya’s obstetrics, gynaecology and neonatal services will move to FSH, while services like aged care will be given to Fremantle and elective services shared between both hospitals.

‘The transfer of Kaleeya Hospital’s services to Fiona Stanley and Fremantle hospitals is part of an unprecedented level of clinical service reform and infrastructure development to increase the capacity of our health service and provide the best possible health care to the community,’ he said.

‘By transferring Kaleeya Hospital’s maternity services to the new Fiona Stanley Hospital, women in the south metropolitan region will have access to 36 brand new maternity beds, eight labour rooms and 18 neonatal cots, including those able to support high-risk births.

‘Patient care is always our top priority, and patients can expect to continue to receive top quality care before, during and after the transition of services and staff at Kaleeya Hospital can be assured these changes in services will not result in any job losses.’

Ms McGurk said the closure of the hospital was a huge loss to the community.

‘Many people in Fremantle have a strong emotional connection to Kaleeya and there is no doubt some will be disappointed by the government’s decision,’ she said.

‘Kaleeya has offered first-rate services to the Fremantle community for a number of years and it is an ideal facility for uncomplicated births and elective surgery and its small intimate setting is often preferred over the sterile environments of some other facilities.

‘Mothers-to-be will lose an outstanding local facility that offered a number of maternity services for those who desire a range of birthing options.’

Kaleeya Hospital is expected to close in November 2014.