Large painting provides perspective

Bianca Roose (White Gum Valley)
Bianca Roose (White Gum Valley)

Awarded a Certificate of Commendation for her academic work earlier this year, Bianca’s artwork is one of 56 pieces created by Year 12 students last year that will be on display at the Year 12 Perspectives exhibition at the Art Gallery of WA.

Bianca said she was proud of her piece Montserrat and was excited about the opportunity to be a part of the exhibition.

‘Translated, it means serrated or jagged mountain and it comprises of a photo of my sister in front of my large-scale painting,’ she said.

‘She is painting the same as the background, camouflaging her from head to toe.

‘The background and the figure become one ” they are materially and conceptually linked because I wanted to explore the idea of Mother Nature in our contemporary and technology-driven world.

‘Perspectives is a great opportunity for young artists, not only to promote themselves but also to meet and discuss with the other skilled artists that will feature in the exhibition.’

Year 12 Perspectives opens at the Art Gallery of WA from tomorrow.