Late hours in the studio pay off for artist

Bicton artist Britt Dunbar.
Bicton artist Britt Dunbar.

JUGGLING motherhood and her art has been an interesting experience for Britt Dunbar.

The Bicton resident sneaks off to her studio in Fremantle at night while her two young boys sleep to work on her artwork.

The time spent in the studio is paying dividends though, as she prepares to hold her first solo exhibition at Fremantle event space Assembly Yard this Saturday.

“I try to get to the studio at 7.30pm after my kids (toddler Woodes and baby Denham) have fallen asleep and then get home before the baby wakes up at 1am,” she said.

“Having a second kid has made things more challenging but I’m sure that’s something people can relate to.

“There’s a sense of calm with my artworks and that contrasts to mum life, which is chaotic.

“I’m nervous about my first solo exhibition but Assembly Yard have been so supportive. They are an advocate for the arts and they approached me about putting on a show.

Mrs Dunbar has been painting for about five years after taking it up when she moved to Exmouth with her husband.

“I was inspired by the WA landscape and although I’ve exhibited my work in group shows in Sydney, I’ve never done it in Perth,” she said.

“When you exhibit in Sydney you feel like you’ve got some anonymity, but in Perth it’s like showing your neighbours your work.

“Some places I’ve visited, like Kalbarri, Karijini National Park and Exmouth, and others I’ve made up in my mind.

“I hope people recognise the places in the paintings and feel a connection to them.”

The exhibition, Past The Breakers, is open from 2pm to 5pm.