Late reprieve for hotel on trading hours

In December last year, the Gazette reported the Liquor Commission of WA had dismissed an application from hotel owners Carnegies International Group for the venue to extend its operating hours until 1am on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 2am on Fridays and Saturdays and midnight on Sundays.

The application had been rejected on the grounds that Fremantle had a higher than average level of alcohol-related violence, and it was in the public interest not to extend trading.

But on June 11, Justice Jeremy Allanson agreed with Carnegies� argument that it was not in the public interest to refuse the extension, giving them the chance to resubmit their application.

Carnegies chief executive Karl Bullers said he was far from happy about the original decision, saying Fremantle had no pubs open past 1am despite the city and Northbridge having plenty.

�The same old arguments are always used against applications of this nature but the Fremantle harm figures are definitely skewed due to a town centre accident and emergency department pulling in people from all over the larger area,� he said.

�We�re very happy that the decision has to be looked at again and the fact that the commission stated we had an attractive venue which would be pleasing to tourists and locals alike must be taken into account and not just very general ill-harm data.

�Fremantle needs to compete on an international level to attract visitors. This includes having a late-night, well-run hospitality industry.

�Our patrons are generally very supportive and are looking forward to being able to stay a little later at night rather than go to other bars in Fremantle or even Perth.�