‘Likes’ replace over-the-fence talking to help arrest local crime

Local residents, as well as people from outside of Cockburn, can ‘like’ and contribute to the Cockburn WA Crime Watch page, with many posting information on moments after the incident.

The page’s administrator, who chose to remain anonymous, said it was set up after they saw the results similar pages had achieved.

‘I guess the main goal of this page is to train people into the mindset that these offences are still occurring and to keep it in the back of their minds as a lot of people may see something, but it may be too trivial to phone the police about,’ they said.

South Metropolitan Police Sergeant Paul Sampson said the page was a great way for people to access current information.

‘It acts as a two-way street because people are looking out and sharing information with other people,’ he said.

‘Gone are the days where info is shared over the fence. New technology has filled that talking-over-the-fence role. It’s the modern way of doing it.’