Local’s Nepal quake escape imminent

A YANGEBUP woman could be on a flight out of earthquake-ravaged Nepal by the end of the day.

Teegan Wright, 21, has been stranded in the town of Lukla since the earthquake on April 25.

Her mum Lyn said Teegan�s travel insurer had organised for a flight out of the area sometime today.

�She hasn�t been able to do anything,� she said.

�Every day has been about making sure she�s ready to get on a flight at a moment�s notice.

�It�s a huge relief to know there�s a plane but I�m just too scared to get my hopes up until she�s actually on her way out of there.�

Teegan, in the country after taking part in a charity trek, has been able to talk to her mum on social media and through 20 second phone chats.

Lyn said Teegan, and another 35 Australians, were simply toughing it out.

�They�ve got food and they�ve got shelter so they haven�t been a priority,� she said.

�She�s down, but we just keep sending her messages.�