Making a big show of it

Included among the artists participating in the Show Off 11 exhibition, open exclusively to Cockburn residents, is Hamilton Hill�s Gina Greer and Larry Mitchell � one of Australia�s premier landscape painters � Coogee�s Sandy Gaskett and North Coogee�s Yuri Tsvetnenko.

The exhibition, which will run at the Memorial Hall from May 2, will feature a mix of paintings, sculptures, glass works and ceramics in traditional and contemporary styles.

Cassandra Cooper, exhibition curator and the Cityof Cockburn�s art and culture coordinator, said the hall would be packed to its absolute capacity.

�Cockburn has been quietly going about its business of growing our art community for a number of years,� she said.

�We are fortunate to have a number of high profile artists who have chosen to make Cockburn their home.

�We have new and exciting developments that have included some really interesting public art works with more planned for the future.�

Ms Cooper said local government reform was meant to make 2015 the exhibition�s farewell year.

But with that off the cards, the event is set to grow.

�Now it is a part of new and exciting plans and developments within the City with a strong focus on talking to our arts community about what we do, what we can do going forward and how they can help shape that,� Ms Cooper said.

Ms Gaskett will be taking part in Show Off for the ninth time.

�Back in my first year there wasn�t as much art and they held it in the Civic Centre (Seniors Centre in Spearwood),� she said.

�Now it�s so popular you can barely pack all the pieces in.�

Ms Greer said it was great to have the work of locals put up in lights.

�It�s a really good opportunity and is good for Cockburn,� she said.

�Art in the area is growing.

�You see it around the streets, the City�s street art is fantastic.�