Mayors deny Cockburn claims

Dr Pettitt, Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey and Kwinana Mayor Carol Adams said Cockburn’s claim the proposal for the area could cost $97.8 million, a figure achieved through a Cockburn-funded economic analysis, was ‘absurd’.

In a statement released last week, the mayors said the claim was based on ‘accommodation costs’, which they say will not be needed because existing facilities would be used instead of new council buildings.

Dr Pettitt said the report stated $60 million would be needed to build new council offices and $30 million for a new Cockburn depot, but that this was not the case.

‘The City of Fremantle has ample accommodation for staff at our existing facilities,’ he said. ‘As part of the broader $220 million Kings Square development in Fremantle, a new council administration building has been earmarked but this is completely independent of the reform process and fully funded under our existing structure.’

Mayor Adams said additional claims of up to 800 job losses, which she said was almost the entire Cockburn workforce, were ‘irresponsible and scaremongering at its worst’.