Mayors exchange words

Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey.
Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey.

Mr Aubrey said Cockburn�s bid to secure funding for a bridge from North Lake Road over the Kwinana Freeway and to widen Armadale Road appeared like a grab for �Melville�s road funding� to fast track less important infrastructure.

�It�s taken me and the City of Melville 15 years of lobbying to get the funding for the extension of Kwinana Freeway to the Fremantle Port that will complete the Link and create a bypass for Melville, Cockburn and Fremantle � just in time to handle the projected traffic growth,� he said.

�I�ll be working closely with the electors of the City of Melville to ensure we aren�t cheated, bullied or politically blackmailed out of safer, free-flowing road network.�

Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett said the $290 million Community Connect South project centred on an upgrade of existing infrastructure and advocating for integrated transport opportunities.

�There is no single solution to congestion on Perth�s roads and the City has been consistent in advocating for improved infrastructure with maximum community benefit,� he said.

Mr Aubrey also argued it was hypocritical for Cockburn to oppose the $1.6 Perth Freight Link (PFL) on environmental grounds, then support an outer harbour at Cockburn Sound.

An outer harbour is expected to bring significant environmental challenges, as the PFL has.

Mr Howlett said the City�s opposition of the Perth Freight Link was based on environmental, social and economic grounds, adding that it was aware of the challenges associated with an outer harbour.

�Supporting an outer harbour in principle does not equate to forfeiting environmental approvals or due diligence,� he said.