Mental health boost

Strive and Thrive founder Norita Che Omar said the campaign was launched to create awareness and provide support tools from industry experts that would help people keep good mental health.

She said she was concerned with the rising number of people living with anxiety and street-related conditions, so she came together with a number of health and wellness experts to offer some help.

“Stress is unavoidable; it’s healthy to have a little bit of stress to challenge us and help us develop as individuals, but people need to understand the level of stress they carry and how too much stress can affect them,” she said.

“We are launching a website with loads of information and tips on managing the challenges, stress and anxiety that life throws at all of us to some degree.

“We will be running monthly workshops, both free and paid, to provide help and assistance to those who need it.

“I’m excited about creating a caring community, bringing people together in an environment where they will feel supported and removing the isolation that people can some- times feel.”

Visit www.striveandthrive for more information.