Merger backed

Cockburn will host a closed briefing today with Premier Colin Barnett, Minister for Local Government Tony Simpson and local government mayors, presidents and CEOs before a public announcement is made on local government reform and the mergers that will occur.

Mr Howlett said dialogue between Cockburn and Kwinana had shown that the two cities were well placed to meet the future needs of their respective communities through a merger and that he was hopeful a partnership would be confirmed today.

‘If the merger is announced it will be a matter of sitting around a table and getting on with the job,’ Mr Howlett said.

‘It will take a mammoth effort and we will have to put in the hours to bring about the change that will best service the community. ‘

Talk of a Fremantle-Melville merger did not excite Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt, who did not support the joining together of councils with communities that had little in common.

‘That said, I’ll be glad to have the process getting closer to completion as it has been going on for so long now that we all want to know what our futures are,’ he said.

East Fremantle acting Mayor Alex Wilson declined to comment until after the meeting.

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