Million Missing, Global Day of Action to see Fremantle turn blue

The cliffs next to the Round House illuminated blue.
The cliffs next to the Round House illuminated blue.

FREMANTLE buildings will be turning blue on May 12 as part of the Million Missing, Global Day of Action.

The day is symbolic for the millions of people across the globe who have illnesses such as myalgic encephalomyelitis, a long-term, chronic, fluctuating, neurological condition.

Fremantle City ward councillor Rachel Pembertonsaid the day was for the millions of people ‘missing from action’.

“It is for those people who are missing from life, from workplaces, for those who can’t get of the house for no apparent reason,” she said.

“They want to be taken seriously by the medical profession.

“Doctors can help, sometimes they don’t believe those patients, and they are stranded at home without hope and without treatment or the wrong treatment.”

The City of Fremantle will be taking part in the event for the first time.

Cr Pemberton said a number of buildings in Fremantle would be illuminated blue.

“We have two buildings; the Moore building and Victoria Hall as well as the cliffs at the Round House,” she said.

“A small event will be held at Pioneer Park at noon on the Saturday to raise awareness with a small stand giving out information.

“There will also be a display of hundreds of shoes representing patients across the Perth metro area.

“The shoes are representing the people who can’t show up; they can send their shoes so they can be there in spirit and be represented.”

For the councillor the meaning of the day had special significance.

“I initiated the action as my sister is one of those people who is living with the illness,” she said.

“It was a birthday gift from me, a gift of time and advocacy so something can happen.

“I hope we can learn how to help these people and how to treat it effectively, give them hope.

“It is wonderful to have so many people come and be apart of the day, to show those who have the illness that people are listening and want to help.”

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