Multi-storey parking unlikely

LandCorp, in its comment on the Cockburn Central Activity Plan endorsed by the City recently, had noted that it had worked with the Public Transport Authority to consider stacked parking for two PTA areas.

But LandCorp’s metropolitan general manager Luke Willcock said the studies mentioned in the submission were ‘historic design exercises’ undertaken before the town centre’s broader design guidelines were updated in 2012.

He said they were not progressing any further parking studies at the centre at this stage.

‘The submission suggests further investigation on the PTA-operated sites would be a good planning investment at a future time by the various stakeholders,’ he said.

PTA spokesman David Hyne confirmed there had been no recent discussions with LandCorp in relation to stacked parking at Cockburn Station.

Cockburn’s planning and development director Daniel Arndt said the City had considered the preliminary financial investigations and architectural designs undertaken by LandCorp when it twice voted down constructing a multi-storey carpark at Cockburn Central in 2013.

‘Unless the proposal was financially feasible the City would not be considering undertaking a proposal to construct a multi-storey, car stacking or carparking station at Cockburn Central,’ he said.