New bid to preserve historic Market Garden Swamp names

Market Garden Swamp 1.       d457886
Market Garden Swamp 1.       d457886

ALTERNATIVE names for lakes and reserves in Spearwood and Munster have been put forward.

The City of Cockburn is currently consulting with the community about changing the names of Market Garden Swamp One, Two and Three to Bindjar, Boodjar Mooliny and Moyootj.

The titles are indigenous words meaning swamp.

But Spearwood resident Michael Separovich, whose family farmed the land for decades before it was subdivided in the early 2000s, is keen to see the area’s market garden history recognised too.

He has circulated a petition seeking support to preserve the historical names of the northern two lakes and reserves, but is open to the southern reserve being given an Aboriginal name.

He said doing so would recognise the efforts of market gardeners while also providing a local indigenous connection.

“It’s a commonsense solution to the current situation,” he said.

“The Croatians and Italians don’t want their 70 years of contribution to the City of Cockburn to be ignored, and the Aboriginal Reference Group wants their culture to be represented too.”

The public consultation period closes at 4pm on October 6.

The names will ultimately be ticked off by the Geographical Names Committee.

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